I walked into Sun Sweet market today and found myself completely overwhelmed. This place is the epitome of American privilege, convenience, and excess. There are mounds of Chinese food sitting adjacent to sushi followed by vats of soup. Behind the counter you can order custom deli sandwiches or a chopped salad and then choose from 20+ beverages, 7 of which are different varietals of kombucha (no joke).

It is completely paralyzing to me sometimes to be in this type of scenario where I am burdened by choice.  It’s also a little stressful for me when I’m surrounded by so much temptation! (I’ve been eating Paleo for about 8 months now, Whole 30 before that)

I closed my eyes and confirmed the following: I want a light lunch that won’t make me feel sluggish in the afternoon. I want something warm because it’s cold outside. I want to make a healthy choice. 

I immediately dismissed the dumplings, which looked tempting. I turned my back on the fries and the noodles. I picked up a lentil soup and kale salad with a few pieces of chopped up mango for dessert.

When I walked out, I didn’t feel deprived. I actually felt empowered. I was reminded of the fact that we’re presented with choices every single day, both big and small. Our work, our love, our health, and how we live are a series of tiny decisions that compound over time.

Do we take the time to pause and ask ourselves what we really want or do we constantly get distracted by the options presented to us?

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