Dinner at Cote – A Butcher’s Feast

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As a belated birthday treat, I was taken to Cote, “New York’s first Korean steakhouse”. Similar to Beatrice Inn, it’s  a mecca for meat lovers everywhere. It combines the sensibility and sophistication of a New York Steakhouse with the table-grill fun and flare of Korean BBQ.

Located 10 blocks south of Korea Town on 22nd street, you’ll enter the lobby where you’ll find my pal Gary’s photo on the left. What looks like a wall of marble is actually an upclose photograph of a wagyu steak!

What we ordered: 

  • Frose
  • Watermelon cocktail 
  • Bacon appetizer
  • Butcher’s Feast (4 chef selected cuts, 2 oz. per person) 
  • Bibim Somyun 

We were both hungry and left incredibly full with a bag of leftovers. I think the Butcher’s Feast is a great orientation to the restaurant. If you’re going to go that route, there’s no need to add additional sides. The bacon was decadent and delicious, but if inclined to order an appetizer, I’d suggest a seafood to keep things on the lighter side (heard great things about the tuna tartar). 


Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to satisfy your inner carnivore, I can’t recommend Cote enough. I’m already plotting my next visit so I can try more things on the menu. Book your table in advance (5:15 and 10 PM seatings are the only thing available for a month out) and be ready to eat your meat – lots of it! 

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