It may be called Independence Day, but everything magical about the 4th of July is the togetherness it brings. Today, I loved learning about family recipes and exchanging childhood memories. I loved listening to that guy sing Amy Winehouse and My Girl on the wharf with you confidently knowing all the lyrics. At lunch I watched you ask for as much Old Bay as they were willing to surrender while savoring that croissant lobster roll.

I was so scared of losing my independence when I started dating you. Little did I know how free you’d make me feel – free to express who I am and say what I think unapologetically. When I’m with you, I am free to be.

No firework show for us this year, but who cares when I feel fireworks with you every time you hold my hand or look at me with your familiar blue eyes.

Here’s to celebrating independence and togetherness. May we always be in pursuit of happiness and preserve a life that Walter Isaacson would describe perfectly as “curious, passionate, and full of wonder.”

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