Do I even know how to publish content online anymore? It’s been years since 2 years since my last post, almost a year since my last tweet, and I’ve mostly sworn off Instagram.

What’s happened since my last pandemic post? Tons.

I got engaged.

I got married.

I honeymooned in Maine.

I lived (and voted!) in Pennsylvania.

I started a new job working at TikTok.

I roadtripped to New Orleans stopping in Raleigh-Durham, Savannah, and the Florida panhandle along the way.

I got vaccinated.

I got pregnant.

I spent the summer in Barcelona, Costa Brava, and northern Spain.

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in March.

My days are truncated into two hour chunks where I’m in a cycle of nursing, napping, diaper changing, and stroller pushing. It’s relentless and exhausting and as my friend Allison put it, “a beautiful blur”.

In years past I’ve found joy in my personal and professional leaps. As I enter this chapter of Motherhood, I’m learning to appreciate long days full of small trials and triumphs, one baby step at a time.

Baby feet

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