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I’m Alexa and this is my little corner of the Internet. This site is where I experiment, occasionally write, and answer any questions for all you Google stalkers out there.

Quick Overview

I’m a Chief of Staff at TikTok, supporting the head of global business marketing. We help brands and agencies understand the importance of being authentic and entertaining on the platform.

I previously led marketing at Glitch (acq by Fastly), Andela, and Stack Overflow (acq by Prosus) and I consult and advise startups here and there.  I currently live just north of NYC and during non-pandemic times, travel as much as I can. I’m one of those annoying people who photograph almost every meal. Once upon a time I co-founded the site Dipsology.com to help cocktail nerds discover the most noteworthy drink destinations in New York City.

If you want to get in touch, email me at alexa(dot)scordato(at)gmail(dot)com. You can also find me on Twitter @alexa 🙂

My Story


I was born in California, lived in the Philippines as a toddler, and grew up on the south shore of Long Island, New York. I used to have a thick Filipino accent, which I worked very hard as a five-year old to eliminate (It’s funny how as a child, all you want to do is fit in and yet you spend all of adulthood striving to be different).

Work has always felt like a deeply personal endeavor because I grew up in a household where both my parents worked from home. I watched them build a small business selling various lines of rotary and laser engravers. They taught me the importance of hard work at a young age and gave me my first exposure into the world of marketing and sales. I’d go to trade shows, call leads, and do data entry on weekends and summer vacations. Despite their busy schedules, we always found time to eat dinner together as a family.


There were a lot of keyboards in my house growing up – computer keyboards and pianos. My first operating system was MS-DOS and my first piano lesson was at the age of six. I think I started singing before I started speaking in full sentences.


In 2004, I attended Barnard, Columbia University’s all-women’s college. I was an American Studies major and studied social movements, history, literature, psychology and everything in between. I sang in an a capella group and came to appreciate the importance of feminism, and female leadership. My senior year I wrote my thesis on teenagers and online communities. I wish I could say it was a groundbreaking piece of research, but it was more my excuse to learn about forums, community moderation, game theory, and user generated content. I fell in love with the Internet during this period; my passion for connecting people and ideas through technology has only grown since.

Over the last decade, I’ve worked with dozens of startups, Fortune 100 brands, and high growth companies to help them scale teams, drive growth, and communicate with more authenticity and empathy. Even though I’m in a long-term, committed relationship with the city of New York, I have a serious case of wanderlust and travel often. I’m a passionate foodie who loves to cook and discover incredible dining and drinking experiences. My other loves include music (singing and playing the piano) and photography with lots of guilty pleasures in between (karaoke, boyband dance moves, and cheesy analogies).

Media & Speaking

Over the years, I’ve been mentioned in various publications like the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, and Mashable because of my digital and entrepreneurial adventures.  [Disclaimer: This list is incredibly out of date!]

Some highlights sorted by topic:

Using Social Media to find a job

DartBoston & Young Entrepreneurs

Previous Speaking Events:



Alexa Scordato @Pivot 2010


  • 8/13: Asian American Journalists Association, “The Millennial and ‘Net Generation”
  • 7/28: TedxBoston
  • 4/22: Mark Frydenberg’s IT Class, Bentley College
  • 3/12: Geek Girl Camp North Shore/Boston
  • 3/10: Jeff Pulver’s Social Media Jungle Boston
  • 3/7: Geek Girl Camp Cape Cod
  • 3/1: Professor John Bourne’s Technology Entrepreneurship Class, Babson College


  • 8/13: PodCamp Boston

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