Teaching Myself How to Code on a Saturday and Founder FOMO

I’m starting this post at 10:38 on a Saturday night and the FOMO is starting to set in. Industry colleagues are drowning my Twitter feed in SXSW selfies and photos of BBQ and cookie and milk shots (!!!). Friends are scattered across the city urging me to come out and play.

There’s this immediate FOMO I feel about not being out tonight, but what’s even more persistent is this other type of FOMO — fear of missed opportunities.


I’m tuning everything out and sitting in my Upper West Side apartment because I’ve committed to a night of code. I’m learning Ruby on Rails because I’m desperate to build a custom CMS and take my baby off of WordPress (I love you WordPress, but I need something more flexible beyond the world of posts and pages). After attending this panel at Columbia on Thursday with Jessica Livingston of YCombinator and 3 YC alum, I came home and immediately started a Ruby tutorial on CodeAcademy. I’m at the halfway point of the class and feel like I have some basic fundamentals under my belt – arrays, loops, booleans, and blocks (oh my).

I’ve had a lot of responses like, “Why don’t you just hire someone to do it?” but the reality is developers are expensive and that elusive technical cofounder is MIA. Time to take matters into my own hands (**but please world, send any developers my way who can help**).


I started Dipsology.com about a year and half ago with my co-founder and fellow Barnard alum/a cappella nerd Adrienne. We started the site to help connect and educate a growing community of cocktail enthusiasts. We’ve carved out a really nice lifestyle business in a niche market, but we’ve always seen the opportunity to be something bigger. What if we could create a platform to transform the ways in which liquor brands connect/engage consumers and on-premise accounts?

The visions are grand, but like most nontechnical entrepreneurs, I’ve struggled to find a partner to collaborate with on the site. It’s that elusive technical co-founder that’s missing. I’ve had several calls in the past few weeks with developers in Bangladesh, the Philippines, and India and weighed the pros and cons of outsourcing. I’ve sent feelers out to different friends and colleagues who might have developer friends to moonlight on the project. At the end of the day, it just feels like wasted time.

And so here I am, on a Saturday night, cozied up in sweatpants at my kitchen table about to tackle another lesson on CodeAcademy. Perhaps we’ll reunite again SXSW. Until then, wish me luck!



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