I’ve spent nearly 7 weeks away from New York this year and March isn’t even over. It’s an odd feeling for me to be so disconnected from the city I love most, but my wanderlust is really in full force. I’m fairly convinced New York is the love of my life, the city I’m meant to be with forever, but we’re on a healthy break right now. I’m in search of new loves and actively dating as many cities as I can.

Mexico City was a whirlwind romance, a pure love that I didn’t even know I was capable of feeling outside of New York. I met the city in January and he felt like a familiar stranger who I wanted to have endless conversations with. I joked that the fastest way to my heart was through my stomach and he rose to the occasion. We floated down the colorful canals of Xochimilco eating oversized quesadillas. We laughed over never-ending bowls of guacamole and chicharron. We took long walks sipping fresh jugo and attempted to make mole after a trip to the mercado. He made me feel safe, alive, and inspired. It actually pains me that we parted ways, but I know he and I will rendezvous again soon.


Rio de Janeiro was the perfect rebound to distract my aching heart after Mexico. He has perfectly sun-kissed bronze skin, traces of sand on his clothes and weathered Havaianas, and a natural rhythm that makes his body move effortlessly on the dance floor. He’s the type of summer love that is exciting and playful, the kind that gives you passionate kisses in the rain, naps on the beach, and excursions through waterfalls in the jungle. Although he’s fun and easy on the eyes, he isn’t someone who stirs my soul.

Rio de Janeiro

I plan on visiting Denver at the end of the month. He’s an old friend I see occasionally. Rugged, charming, and laid back, we often venture to the mountains to soak in scenic views or simply drive without a destination in mind. Sometimes I wish I could love him as more than a friend. We would have a simple, easy, and happy life together. But I know myself too well to know that simple is not my style and that I’m rarely content without a challenge.


Last, but not least, there’s London. He’s New York’s older, more experienced cousin and he has a charming accent I can’t resist. We met many years ago when I was a teenager and I fell hard. Over the years, I’ve questioned whether we have a future together and that’s part of what I want to explore more deeply. On paper, London is really good for me – smart, witty, and cultured – but he’s never made me feel settled. If we lived together, would I always find myself comparing him to New York? I’ll have a month with him later this spring to find out.


What other suitors are on the horizon? There are so many possibilities it’s actually overwhelming. I fantasize about floating in the Dead Sea or sleeping under the stars in the desert. I think about sailboats in the Mediterranean and long hikes in Patagonia and the Nordic fjords. I want to dance salsa in Havana, sip on tea and slurp noodles in crowded cities, and ride bikes through the tulip fields in the Netherlands.

I’m looking for love in all shapes and sizes. It could be intense and romantic or the quiet love you experience reading together in silence. It could be adventurous love that is physical and tough or convenient love that comes with many indulgences.

I’m wandering. I’m lusting after the unknown. I’m in search of love and finding that it truly is everywhere.

Where Bartenders Drink

If you love cocktails, travel, or quirky coffee table books, you must order Where Bartenders Drink by Adrienne Stillman. In the 12+ years of our friendship, Adrienne has introduced me to more memorable dining and drinking experiences than any other human being. It’s one of the many, many privileges of being her friend. She was going to Milk & Honey and Pegu Club in college while the rest of us were drinking Natty Lite. I first heard about restaurants like Faviken through her blog and came to appreciate sipping on rose in the summers thanks to her influence. We created Dipsology together and I watched her transform from a financial marketing professional to one of the most networked and knowledgeable cocktail connoisseurs in the world. Our events, content, and brand were all shaped through the lens of her passion and taste.

It fills my heart to see her talents showcased in this book. It’s the culmination of years of hard work, her discerning palette, and her gift for listening and telling stories.  I pre-ordered my copy and squealed when I finally got my hands on it. The book is substantial containing 300+ interviews from the world’s best bartenders. It features bars from all over the world, which is perfect for any cocktail lover with wanderlust. You can’t go wrong with any of the advice that this book delivers.


Adrienne — Thank you for more than a decade of friendship, delicious eats, and epic imbibing. You’ll always be my dipsy partner in crime and trusted advisor for all things taste. Love you!

It’s okay if you feel uncomfortable. That’s where the change happens.

My FlyWheel instructor yelled these words from across the room at 7:30 AM today. They’ve stayed with me ever since.

Whether we’re pushing our bodies or pushing an agenda, when do we choose the uncomfortable option? When do we decide to confront our fears? To slay our demons? To combat obstacles that feel insurmountable?

I’m thinking a lot about personal agency and when I lean into discomfort or retreat into complacency. These days, opting into the latter feels costly.